Can My Job Be Posted Anonymously?

Yes, you can absolutely post your opportunity anonymously. In the first box of the posting form called "Settings," you will need to select the checkbox for “Anonymous Posting” as shown below:


screenshot of the job posting form showing the anonymous posting checkbox


The company name field will become grayed out and the company name will be displayed as “Confidential” on your finalized ad.


screenshot of the job posting form showing the company name has been changed to confidential

If you have further need for anonymity, for example you cannot post the exact city or state of the opportunity, you can select just the country name from the locations list. Keep in mind, though, that this will limit candidate searchability for those who are sorting opportunities based on a specific location or search radius. 

This test ad will show you how your posting will look on the job details page. For this example we have an ad that is listed as "confidential" for the company name as well as shows only a country for the location:


screenshot of an ad posted using the anonymous posting option


Please take note any information you enter in the description, requirements, or contact information sections of the job posting form will be visible to candidates viewing the posting. Please take caution not to fill out any identifying information in these sections if you would like your posting to be truly anonymous.


It is not recommended to utilize the TalentBoost Upgrade when making an anonymous posting as many of the sites included in the distribution network cannot accept anonymous ads. Please see this supplementary article for more info - TalentBoost Upgrade.








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