Application Method Options

Our software provides for three separate methods of accepting applications. All three of those are located and controlled through the "Contact Information" and "Applications" sections at the bottom of the job posting form. Those three options are as follows:


Job Board Applications 

Activated by checking the "Allow Online Applications" box and selecting or adding those that you wish to receive notification emails. You can add as many recipients as you wish from your team. Each recipient should have an account created and connected as a colleague to ensure they can manage any resumes received.


Direct Email Applications

Activated by placing an email address in the "Contact Information" section of the job posting form. Only one individual person can be set up to receive notifications.


Company Website Applications (Apply URL)

Activated by placing your company site's URL in the Apply URL box in the "Contact Information" section of the job posting form. This will automatically direct candidates to your site to continue with the application process. If this is the only way you are able to receive applications, please be sure not to fill anything for the other two application methods.


Please review the screenshot below to see where and how to activate any one of those three options:



Note that information which you do not want to use as a viable application method should not be entered into the "Contact Information" section (i.e. do not include an email if you do not wish to receive applications via email).


You can use any combination of the application methods offered. We do recommend selecting at least one, though, or else your job ad will not have an application button.



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