Creating Filter Templates/Questions for Applications

Filter questions allow you to ensure that a candidate is qualified for the position offered, and to obtain additional information that may not be included on the resume/cover letter they submit. Filter templates consist of one or more filter questions. They are brief tests for which you design the questions and set disqualify values. When a job seeker applies for your job, they must first complete the filter questions if you indicate that the response is required. Filter questions will not prevent a job seeker from applying online for a posting, but you can use the questions to indicate job seekers who are qualified and those that are not. 

This feature is used only if you allow job seekers to apply online through the job board.

Once you are logged into your account on the career center, you can click on the "My Templates" tab


In the "My Templates" page scroll down to view, edit, delete, or create a new set of filter questions under the "My Filter Templates" section.

Then click on the "Create Filter Template" button to begin.

The first step is to select what type of question you want to use for the first question in your template.




The true/false question can have two possible answers. You can use true and false, yes and no, or any other combination of answers that will satisfy the two response option format.

Then you will want to enter your question and the two options for answers. Many employers will use questions like, “Do you meet the qualifications for the position which you are applying for?” or “Do you have [a certain number of] years of experience?” etc.

By checking the disqualifier box next to one of the answers, the system will mark the candidate as not qualified if that answer is selected. You can also assign a point value for each response and whether or not the question is required. Then click on Create Question.



Multiple Choice

The multiple choice question can have up to six answers, but the candidate can only select one. The same process applies in regard to the disqualifier, the point values, and the response required options.



Multiple Answer

The multiple answer question can have up to six answers and the candidate can select all that apply. The same process applies in regard to the disqualifier, the point values, and the response required options.



Short Text

The short text question allows the candidate to write in their own short response. The same process applies in regard to the point values and the response required options.



Long Text

The long text question is an open-ended question allowing the candidate to write in their own answer. This question could be used for a brief writing sample or references. The same process applies in regard to the point values and the response required options.



1-10 Rating

The 1-10 rating question allows you to give candidates up to six answers and they can rank the answers with ten being the best/highest and one being the worst/least. Calculation of the points scored and disqualifying amount for this question is based on the rank of the candidate selected.


After creating all of the questions for the filter template, you will need to provide the name and cut-off score for the template. The template name will be used to identify the entire series of questions in that filter template.

For example, you may want to name it relative to the specific position that you will use it for, the department that all of your positions would fall under, or the data you are collecting from the filter questions. The cut-off score is based on a calculation of the total number of points scored throughout all of the questions. Any candidate scoring below the cut-off score will be marked as disqualified. Then click on Create Filter to save the template.



You can use the filter template by accessing the "My Jobs" page after you have completed a job posting. Click on the position title to view the details of the job posting, and then click on Add Filter on the top right side:



From there you can select a pre-existing template from the drop-down menu, or create a new filter template:


When you select an existing filter, you will see options to view or remove it:


Once you have activated the filter template for your job posting, any candidate applying online using a resume saved in their account on the career center will answer the filter questions. The system will not allow them to complete their application without answering any questions that you marked as response required. Applications from candidates that accumulate less than the cut off score you indicated or those that select disqualifying answers will still show up in your Applicants section but will show “No” in the Qualified column. You can view the candidates’ answers to your questions under the Application link.




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