Editing Resumes

Editing resumes can be tricky depending in the type of document you are uploading. The standard document formats that can be uploaded are PDF and Microsoft Word Doc. 

Some key things to look for when uploading a document are length of resume, images, and spreadsheets. The design of the resume should be basic such as; 

  1. Contact information

  2. Work History

  3. Education

We use parsing software that pulls the information from the document and enters said information in a form known as a career profile. Please note the system can't parse over an image, tables, boxes or screenshots in a specific field because the system doesn't recognize this items as having text and may disrupt the formatting of the cv/resume. 

The best practice is to upload your resume that only contains text. If you face any issues uploading your resume in regards to formattings, there is an HTML editor that will allow to to fix bullets, bold text, alignment justification, font size, etc. Please feel free to contact career center support if issues persists, 860-437-5700, prompt 1. 


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