Editing/Formatting Resumes During or After Upload

When you are uploading your resume from a Word or PDF document, it will go through a parsing software as part of the process. This will load your resume into our database in a very similar fashion as to when an ATS (applicant tracking system) from an employer reviews your document. It will also pull info from the document to help build your career center profile at the same time. 

Please note the system can't parse over images, tables, boxes, scans, or screenshots because the system doesn't recognize these items as being text. Best practice is to start with a basic resume document that is text-only, containing:

  • Contact information
  • Work History
  • Education

If your resume doesn't parse accurately, you may choose to do some editing. This can be done before finalizing the upload, but you can also go back into your loaded resume and make edits at any time after saving as well. Some tips we can offer:

  • If you are having some trouble getting spacing to stay in place, try holding down shift while hitting the enter button. This will "hard code" the line break/space in and should help it from reverting.
  • It will sometimes help to take sections of the resume and cut/paste them into a basic text program like your computer's note/memo pad. This can help strip any hidden coding so that you can paste the info back in plain text. 
  • Word Documents (.doc/.docx) tend to have less hidden formatting than PDF's. If you have loaded a PDF and it looks like there might be a lot of formatting to fix, it may be easier to convert your PDF to a Word Doc and re-upload.
  • Keep things to a single column when possible, to ensure your information lines up and flows in the order you prefer.
  • Use the resume editor tools to help with simple formatting like bold, italics, underlining, and bullet points that may not have carried over from your document.
  • If you are familiar with HTML, there is a section in the editor which will pull up the background markup language so you can make adjustments to things like bullets, bold text, alignment justification, font size, etc. We do not recommend using this portion of the editor if you are not familiar with HTML.


The key for best success will be to keep your text, font, and style simple!


If you face any issues uploading your resume please feel free to contact career center support. To ensure the fastest service, please email us at clientserv@yourmembership.com with:

  • Name on your candidate/job seeker account
  • Email address on your account
  • Copy of the original resume attached as a Word Doc or PDF
  • Specifics on where you left off, what gave you troubles, or what edits need to be made

We are happy to help with loading the resume onto your account from our end or making edits. Please keep in mind that our support staff will get your resume as close to the original document as possible, but are still bound by the limitations of the parsing software. 





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