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The resume bank is a great tool to find candidates other than posting a job. To get to the Resume Bank, simply go to the employer drop down menu and select the Resume Bank link. If you have not already, you will need to have your account validated for access. See this supplementary article for more info on that:


Resume Bank Validation


When you are ready to start searching for candidates, you will have a keyword search for specific criteria that fits role you are trying to fill, such as education, certifications, position titles, etc.


By clicking the Filter button, it gives you the ability to narrow your results by selecting specific options such as; 

Please note that this filter list is very general and other career centers/job boards may have more filter options. 

  • Bookmarked: Candidates/Resumes you have bookmarked to review later
  • Viewed: Candidates/Resumes that you have viewed while signed but didn't bookmark
  • State/ Province: The state or province within the country that you are searching for candidates in
  • Country: Candidates within a specific or multiple countries
  • Last Updated: The last time the resume was updated or posted the resume
  • Lastly, you can saved a search to make it easier use same criteria for the next time you need to search for candidates 

Here are is screen shot of what filter option may look like after click the filter button:


Before being able to use a Saved Search, first you must enter the name of the search, then click save. You can make as many saved searches as you want as long as you name the saved search something different each time. You can not use the same name twice.

By clicking the Saved Search button, this is where you will find all the searches you have created and saved successfully. Here is what that will look like once you are ready to use one of your saved searches:


The greatest part part about the resume bank is that you get to view the candidates resume, less direct contact info, before deciding who to reach out to. You will have the ability view work history, education, awards, certifications, and special skills a candidate may have. Once you have found the candidates that best suit the criteria of the role that you are trying to fill, you are ready to set up a contact request to reach out to them. Please see the following article which will detail how to set this up:


Using the Resume Bank To Send Individual Contact Requests (Pay-Per-Candidate)


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