How To Create a Job Posting Template

When posting jobs, you have the option to save the information being entered as a template to be used at a later time.

When saving a job as a template, you create a form that is prepopulated with the information you've entered. This can be useful if posting the same role on more than one occasion.

Creating a job posting template can be done by clicking on the POST A JOB button in the top right of the Career Center. This takes you over to the job posting form.

Underneath the product options section you will see a settings section. This section begins with a box to enter your job name (which is how you will internally identify the job/template in the future). Just underneath that, you will see a check box with SAVE AS TEMPLATE next to it. Checking that box will automatically save anything you enter into that form for future quick-use.

Here is a screenshot of where you will find that option on the posting form:



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