What Is a Contact Request and How Do I Respond?

During the process of creating a Job Seeker account, you have the option to upload a resume. If you upload a resume and make it public, your resume then is placed in the Resume Bank for employers to review.

Initially they will only see your resume information and not any contact information for you, even if it's in your resume. The system will redact that information to protect your privacy. If the employer is interested in you, they can select your resume and proceed with a process to create a contact request which is an offer of an opportunity they have for which they think you would be a good candidate. This request will then be sent to you via email. 

The contact request should contain information regarding the company hiring, the position being filled, and other pertinent details surrounding the opportunity. You will see two response options in that message, CONTACT ME! or NO THANKS...

Clicking "Contact Me!" will take you to a page confirming that your response has been submitted. It will also send an email to the employer which will contain your resume with contact information now included so they can follow through on reaching out to you.

Clicking "No Thanks..." will end the process and no further information will be provided to the employer in terms of a way to directly contact you. They will not be provided the redacted information from your resume. 

Below you will find an image of what you will see when a Contact Request is sent to you. This image is only a test and a legitimate contact request will contain full job details. Please note the highlighted options to accept or decline the request:



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