How to create an client/ad agency account?

The importance of this type of account so that agencies and recruiters can manage all levels of recruiting for their clients, including displaying their clients logo and company overview from their individual accounts. With that said, your first step is to have your own account and with the New Users Create an Account form and set the Organization Type to Ad Agency


and have your client create their own employer account, with Organization Type set to Employer

This is vital to creating this relationship or connecting the accounts correctly. Once the account is created, the agency account and the client account need to be validated for resume bank access by sending in one of the following requested documents to our customer service email:

• Business Card
• Company Letterhead
• Business License
• Trade Name Certificate
• Other documentation that verifies your relationship to your organization.

Once the accounts are validated, as the agency you need to add your client to your account so that you can post, use credits and subscriptions for resume/postings, use templates, communicate with candidates, etc. 

  1. Go to the Employers at the top page and in the drop down go to My Clients
  2. Click the button the say Add New Client
  3. The next page will be very familiar, if you have ever added a colleague to an account. The difference is that from the Select Colleague Type, you will select Client.
    Please note: that if you had not asked your client to create their own account, the next step will assist you verifying if they have an account and if not, the email that you enter will quick create them an account. 

  4. Enter the email address of your client, and then click verify address. If the system finds an account it will ask you to review the company this email is connected to. 
    If the email address is not connected to an account it will ask you for basic information to quick create an account for your client, such as;

    1. Company Name
    2. First name of your client
    3. Last name of your client
    (Make sure you agree to the Usage Agreement and Privacy Policy)

  5. Once the account has been verified, you will have to give your client permission for certain things such as; 
    The use of credits purchased by your client or purchased on behalf of your client will be defaulted in the permissions. This is because in most cases you will be doing all the work on behalf of your client. 
  6. When all permissions have been given, click the button at the bottom that says Add My Colleague. 
  7. You will need to notify your client to login to their employer account and to look for a new message with the subject line that says Permission Request.
  8. When they click permission request link they will be asked to allow or reject the connection but if the request is accepted they will be asked to check all of the boxes they would like permissions to. 
  9. When done checking the boxes for permission, make sure to click the Allow Connection button at the button. 
  10. Now that the connection has been established, the agency will notice some changes when they are ready to post on behalf of their client. If they have multiple clients they can choose from a drop down menu to select who they want to post on behalf of. mceclip11.png
  11. From the My Clients page, the agency can mange how many jobs are posted for an individual client, when that client was added, the date of the last job posted post a new job or delete the client from their client list. mceclip12.png
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