How To Make a Posting Remote in the Location Field of the Posting Form

Making a posting remote (or work from home) is easy, but takes a few steps:

  1. Once you are far enough along in the post a job form, you'll see the location field. The is where you can add a physical location by entering all the pertinent information such as Country, City, State, Zip Code or general location if the position is remote or work from home. 
  2. You will first need to pick a country, like US, or Canada for example.


  3. Leave the City field blank

  4. For the State field, select other/non US. This will open the "other" field for your entry.
  5. In the Other field, enter the word Remote:


  6. When your job is live it will look like this:

  7. Your job will be searchable in the Keyword field when job seekers are looking for remote positions. Please note that won't be search in the location field of the job search page because Remote is not a physical location. 

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to customer support at 860-437-5700 or email:

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