How To Use Filters for Job Search

Some candidates like to search the career center page by page, making sure to take in every newly posted opportunity. Perhaps you don't have the time or desire to go through every single advertisement, though, and want to narrow your search down. This is where the search filters will become a great help. 

Depending on the job board that you are on, the filter options can vary. Some common ones you may see, though, include workplace type, industry, job function, and state/country.

To locate the filter options, you will want to click on the sliders icon next to the job application button:

screenshot showing the filter button highlighted. it is located to the left of the job application button

Once you click the filter button, you will get a pop out to the left of the screen showing the options you can choose (keep in mind that these options can vary by career center, this is just an example):

screenshot showing the filter popout with the various filtering options which can be used

Once you have made your selections using the drop-down menus, hit the "X" to the top right or click somewhere outside of the range of the filter pop out to close the filter window. Your filter selections will now be listed at the top of the screen, left of the filter sliders icon:


screenshot showing several filter options which have been selected


If you would like to delete any of the filter criteria, click on filter selection you no longer need (you can click the word or the "X", either will do the same thing). This will delete the selection and re-search job opportunities based on the remaining options. 

Please note that the more filters you use, the narrower your search becomes. Removing some filters may yield additional results. If you are not finding anything, though, it could mean there are no currently posted opportunities that are matching your needed criteria. This would be a good time to consider setting up an email alert to keep you posted when new opportunities are posted. You can find more on that in the following article:

How Do I Create a Job Alert?


If you have difficulty, please feel free to reach out to career center support at 860-437-5700 or

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