What is the Benefit of completing a Company Profile as an Employer?

One of the many benefits of posting a Job on one of our Career Centers is the massive relationship we have with Thousands upon Thousands up Job Seekers around the world. With that massive outreach comes a higher level of competition when presenting your Organization as the best option for those qualified Candidates.

Completing a Company Profile gives you more than one benefit when on the Career Center. First and foremost, you are able to provide your Company's background information so the Candidates can learn more about you prior to applying and interviewing. From experience, we can tell you the Candidates truly value a sneak peak at the Company they will be applying to and are more likely to pursue opportunities for Companies that have a Full Company Profile. Your profile remains active for as long as you keep it active on the Career Center, regardless of whether you have active job postings or not.

The second benefit to having an Active Company Profile is the option to attach your Company's logo to every posting you submit. If you have more than one active posting, your Company profile will show that to the Job Seekers in the Company Directory even if they don't see your listing come across in their specific Job Search. This increases your visibility and likelihood of sourcing qualified Candidates.


To Activate/Edit your Company Profile, simply visit the My Company option under the Employer Tab at the top of the page. 

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