How Do I Update My Job Seeker Account Password?

The option to update your password for the career center is available if you are logging in through YM Careers. You will typically know this is the case if you are utilizing separate career center login credentials from your main association account. If you log into the career center using the same credentials as your association membership, please note that this process will not work for you (you will need to contact the association directly for further assistance).

Once you log in, you will be brought right to your "My Account" home page. On that home page you will see a down facing arrow to the far right hand side underneath the word View. Please click this arrow to open up further options:


                                        screenshot showing the downward arrow under the view heading

Once you've clicked on the arrow, you will notice the arrow turns upwards and your account information/settings appears on that same page. In the center box you will be able to click on the link to Reset your Password:

                                             screenshot of reset your password link

Clicking on that link pops out a box where you can enter your new password (twice for verification) and click submit:

                              screenshot of dual password reset confirmation


If you use a program within your browser to store passwords, be sure that is updated with your new credentials!

If you need any assistance, please contact us at Please note that our support team cannot give out password information if you have forgotten it, but we can email you a link to assist in resetting the password so that you can gain access to your account again. 

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