How do I manually update my Password once I've logged in?

In most cases, the Career Center will allow you to login with your own credentials that you used to create your account on the Career Center to begin with. Unless the Career Center requires Membership Credentials for the Association you are accessing the site through, then you can use the following instructions to reset your Recruiter Account Password.

On the left side of the home page you land on when you login, the My Account Page,  you will see a set of Quick Links. In that list of links you will see an EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS option. Clicking on that link will take you to a full form of your entire account settings, with a Link towards the bottom that says Reset Password. Please see the screenshot below to find that link:


Once you click on that and are taken to the next page, scroll towards the bottom where you will find this link:


Clicking on that takes you to a final page where you can enter your new password twice for confirmation and click Submit.


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