Contact Request Duration and Charges (Pay-Per-Prospect Model)

Contact requests through the resume bank can be done individually or in batches of up to 100 candidates at a time (for best functionality, we recommend sending no more than 50 per batch, though). Candidates will have 2 weeks from the send date to consider your offer and respond back. If the candidate is not interested in the position you offer them and rejects the communication, you are not charged. A non-response after two weeks also counts as the candidate not being interested. However, if they accept your request and send you their contact information, you will be charged the amount as seen on the product and pricing page under the employer menu. For requests sent as a batch, these responses will accumulate over the 2 week period and, at the end of the timeframe, we will tally and bill for the amount of candidates who have accepted your communication.

Please note that we cannot provide compensation or refunds for candidates who accept your initial request, but then opt to change their mind/end contact further into the communication process.


For more information on the contact request process, please see this additional article:


Using the Resume Bank To Send Individual Contact Requests (Pay-Per-Candidate)

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