My Card Was Declined, What Do I Do Now?

Their are several possibilities as to why your card has been declined. Some common issues are the card could have a daily limit, YM Careers is not an approved vendor listed with your financial institution, the card information has been entered incorrectly, the bank for your card marked the transaction as potentially fraudulent, or site or payment processor errors have occurred. 

Please note: If your card declines, your job is saved. Simply go to the My Account page after you have rectified the issue with your financial institution to complete your posting. You will see a new section in orange that says Recently Abandoned Orders. Click the link that say complete on the right to try re-processing the transaction. 

Here is a screenshot as an example: 

Here are the most common decline messages, their known reasons, and what to do:

  1. Declined 15005: on your purchase card or P-card/ credit card, we are not an an approved vendor
    Contact your bank or AP department to lift the hold and approve us as vendor. 

  2. Declined due to risk model:  Your bank or AP mark this transaction as fraudulent.
    Confirm that the card information is correct and contact you bank to notify that this is an approved transaction.

  3. Declined- Zip Code Couldn't be validated: Either the zip you have entered for the billing information is incorrect or possibly our system isn't recognizing the inform (system error)
    Check the zip code you have entered, if you know the information to be true the call YM Finance at 860-437-5700 select prompt 5 for the finance team for assistance

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