Refund Policy

Refunds are generally only given for a couple of reasons. The purpose of this platform and service are to give you an opportunity to display your job posting to the public or to an industry's members in effort to find qualified candidates. 

When you create an account for the purpose of posting jobs, on all of our sites two different agreement are required under the Terms and Conditions : Usage Agreement & the Privacy Policy. By accept or checking the box for the Usage Agreement, you are acknowledging that you under it's context. 

As follows:


This site makes no guarantees as to the level of success a user may achieve by using this site or its services. Certain third party partners may make such performance guarantees with the approval of the company. Otherwise, You shall not be entitled to any refund, rebate or retribution for usage that You determine to be unsuccessful.

We understand for example; if a job is prematurely added to the board, which are only refunded within 24-48 hours or that you mistaken posted the same job twice. Duplicate orders refunded are processed as soon as reported. 

A lack of candidates is not a validate reason for a refund because we are not able to guarantee you the success of your posting. Its a self service platform which means only job seekers can determine what jobs they want to apply to. 

We will not provide a refund because you are dissatisfied with the results or lack of candidates, especially if you have received candidates but they didn't meet your requirements, if your posting produced exposure and job views but no applicants. This is not a recruiting service nor do we  represent ourselves as such, so it should not be the expectation. We provide a self service platform and only a job seeker has the control whether he or she would like to apply. 


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