Clicks vs. Applicants

When viewing the stats of your posting, not always will your click stats result in an applicant. You may see that someone has clicked the email, job board, or company website apply method buttons (availability varies depending on how you set up your posting), but you have few or no actual applicant results. This is because the click stat is just a number which represents how many times someone has clicked a particular button or link to view or apply to a posting. Until the applicant has completed the application process by submitting their documents by email, which looks like this:


or by applying through the job board using their uploaded resume and cover letter, which looks like this:


you don't actually have a new applicant. A great way to confirm this is by going to the My Account page in the Employer drop down menu. On the right hand side you will see a box that says "current account status." Click the link to see if you have any applicants for the job title in question. 

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