Adding a colleague to your employer

Recruiting sometimes takes a village or team to manage posting jobs, searching for candidates, etc. Adding a colleague from within your company or an outside resource such as a recruiter or ad agency can help managing your account and inventory (inventory = job posting/resume credits or subscriptions)

At the top of the page click Employers, then select My Company. When the my company page opens, scroll to the section that says My Colleagues. Click the button that says add  new colleague, which looks like this: 

"Please note that your colleague will need to create an account as an employer and be validation to connect the accounts!"

First you will need to select a colleague type. Here is a screenshot showing the types of colleagues:

Entering your colleague's email address in the next section will either quick create an account if that haven't created one yet or check for an account if they have created an employer account on their own. "In order for you colleague to gain access if an account is created in this manner, is to have them click the forgot password" Once you are ready, click the add colleague button. In an account was not found the system will as you to add their company name, first name, last name, and email address. 

Once the account has been established, you will need to give your colleague ability or permissions to post, communicate with candidates, view, resumes, view your posting, make edits, use credits, and use subscriptions. You can either give them all permissions or choose permissions but your colleagues to request permissions as well if you have only given them the ability to use a few such as post or view resumes. Here is a screen shot of what those permissions look like for reference. 

Lastly, your colleague will need to login to their account to accept their permissions you allowed them to use. 

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