Adding a Colleague to Your Account

Recruiting sometimes takes a village (or team!) to handle posting jobs, managing applicants, and searching for candidates. Adding a colleague from within your company, or an outside resource such as a recruiter or ad agency, allows your connected person to help manage the aspects of recruiting that you could use a hand with.

To get started, at the top of the page click Employers, and then select My Company. When the my company page opens, scroll to the section that says My Colleagues. Click the button that says add new colleague, which looks like this: 


"Please note that your colleague will need to create an account as an employer and be validated to connect the accounts! We recommend they create their account before you proceed further!"

Once you click to add a new colleague, you will have to choose from a set list to indicate how they are connected to you. Here is a screenshot showing the types of colleagues:


Entering your colleague's email address in the next section will pull up the employer account your colleague has created. If they haven't yet done so yet, adding their email will quick create an account on their behalf by entering the company name, first name, last name, and email address. Please make sure your colleague is made aware this has been done. If an account was quick created, they will need to go to the login page and use the "forgot password" link in order to set up their password. 

Once the account has been established, you will need to give your colleague ability or permissions to post, communicate with candidates, view resumes, view your posting, make edits, use credits, and use subscriptions. You can either give them all permissions or choose permissions al la carte from the menu. Your colleague will then receive a message within their own employer portal letting them know you are requesting the account connection, what permissions you are granting, and will ask them to grant permissions back to you in turn. Here is a screen shot of what those permissions look like for reference:


Once your colleague has responded to the message in their portal, your accounts will be connected via the permissions you allowed one another. These can be amended in the future through your career center portal if it is needed.


If you want to see this setup process in action, please check out this short video!



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