Finding and Understanding My Job Posting Stats

You are able to find these stats/analytics in two different ways, simply go to the Employers at the top of the page and then select My Jobs in the drop down menu. Scroll down and locate the job title that you are wanting to find the stats or posting performance. 

Underneath the job title in smaller print, click the words "Show Details". This will open a brief preview of your posting. Scroll down and you will see the stats of this individual posting. 



Or; click on the title of your see another view of your stats. 


Now that you have found how to get tot he stats of your posting, let's under stand what they mean. 

  1. Job Exposures: "Job Exposures represents each time your job is displayed on a job board, primarily within search results and home page job widgets."

  2. Job View: "The Job Views stat tracks the number of clicks your job receives on a job board."

  3. Apply Now Button Clicks: " The Apply Now Button Click stat tracks the number of times when someone clicks the apply now button on the ad."

  4. Apply Clicks by Method: "The Apply Clicks by Method stats tracks the number of which apply method was chosen, by email or via the job board"


You can read more about apply clicks vs applicants received at this supplementary article:

Clicks vs. Applicants


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