How to activate the search radius?

When searching for a job on the job search page, try using the location and search radius to find something closer to where you live. Try using the location and search radius. The location field is intuitive and will bring up options when you begin typing. You can search by State or City and State. A location must be entered to activate the search radius drop down menu as you will see in the next screen shot below. 


(Please note that if a job has multiple locations throughout a given State or multiple locations throughout the US, you will sometimes be presented with job that sometimes don't look like what you searched for) To be certain, click on the job and under job information on the right hand side, you will see all locations that an employer is looking for candidates. 



The search radius drop menu has multiple distances from the location of your choosing.


If you are using the location and the search radius but you are seeing jobs from other States that don't apply. To be certain that there are no jobs per the location you have entered, in the left pane, you will see this list above the jobs: (This means there are no job per the location you have entered.)

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