How To Use the Search Radius

If you are looking for opportunities within a certain distance of where you live, the search radius will be a handy tool to use. *

The location field is intuitive and will bring up options when you begin typing. This field can be used to search by country alone, state and country, city and state, or even a zip code can be entered and will match with the corresponding city/state location automatically. A full location (city, state, and country) must be entered to activate the search radius drop down menu.



Please note that if a job has multiple locations throughout a given state, or multiple locations throughout the country, you will sometimes be presented with jobs that may not initially look like what you searched for. You can click on the job and, under job information on the right hand side, you will see all locations where that employer is looking for candidates. Here is an example of a search done for Orlando, Florida, which matched a job which has multiple locations throughout the US:



The search radius drop-down menu has multiple distances available from the location of your choosing. Note that the smaller your radius, the more you will narrow available offerings. If you find that no offerings are coming up, you may need to expand to a larger search radius.


If you have performed a search that is not matching any available opportunities, the job board will fill back in all job listings. Toward the top left, you will see a "0 Results" notation as well: 


If this happens, you have the option of expanding your search radius, or choosing different search keywords/filters if you have any set. If amending your search is not in your best interest, though, this would be a great opportunity to set up a Job Alert search agent which can let you know when jobs matching your desired criteria are posted. You can find out more about that process in this article:


How Do I Create a Job Alert?


* Please note that this option works well with on-site and hybrid jobs. We do not recommend utilizing the search radius when using a filter for remote opportunities, though, as remote jobs are typically assumed to be viable for work from almost anywhere (see employer notes on the ad for any restrictions to candidate location).


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