Featured, Preferred, and Spotlight Upgrades

Posting on the Career Center guarantees that your ad will be displayed on the Career Center for all Job Seeker to view. Once you have completed the Job Posting Form, you will be taken to an optional Upgrade Screen.

On that screen you will find among the options, three direct exposure upgrades that will improve your visibility during the time your ad is posted.

Featured Upgrade:

This option will give you two different added pieces of exposure. 

  1. Your ad will be posted for a period of time on the Featured Jobs section of the career center home page. This is included along with your posting being advertised on the job board/search page as well. Your ad will appear in both locations, however please keep in mind that the Featured Jobs section of the career center home page will rotate based on how many jobs have selected that upgrade, so you may not always see your ad. Your ad on the job board/search page remains for the full amount of time.


    example image showing featured jobs on a career center home page

  2. Your ad will be included in the Job Flash (when applicable) meaning your ad will be sent out in an email blast to all registered members and job seekers. This allows for your ad to be proactive and be placed right in front of those members eyes via their email inbox. Those emails are sent out on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month and your ad would be included in one of those blasts based upon when it was posted. This additional feature only applies to sites that utilize the Job Flash Product.

Preferred Upgrade:

This option will keep your posting at the top of search results for the entire time it is posted. Without this option, if other postings are made after yours, your listing would fall down in the search results. On a busy job board, this could mean potentially landing on secondary pages rather than towards the top of the first page.

Choosing the Preferred Upgrade will keep you towards the top of search results and that allows a higher likelihood of being seen more often and by more job seekers since you are among the first ads listed. Your ad will be marked with a badge as well, letting those searching know that it is a preferred advertisement.

                                example image showing jobs with the preferred upgrade badge


Spotlight Upgrade:

This option focuses on your visual appearance on the board, adding a Spotlight badge to your ad that grabs the eye and increases the likelihood your ad will be clicked on and viewed as an opportunity by qualified candidates.

            example image showing a job with the spotlight upgrade badge included


To take advantage of any of these options, all you have to do is select one more more of the mentioned upgrades during checkout (the page will be available after you enter your details about your opportunity, but before the payment page). Once you have activated your order either by credit card or invoice (when applicable) those upgrades automatically attach to your posting and are effective the moment it hits the career center.

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