Using the Resume Bank To Send Individual Contact Requests (Pay-Per-Candidate)

For sites utilizing the single resume purchase (pay-per-candidate) model, all of the resumes in the resume bank are listed anonymously. We do this to protect the privacy of the candidate and to prevent them from getting spam sent to them through our career center. To begin, log in or create an account by going to the My Account page. Before viewing your first resume we ask that all employers have their account validated. Validation is a one time process. To have your account validated please see the following page for what documentation we can accept and where to send it:

Resume Bank Validation

Once your account is validated, this will unlock the resume bank section of your portal so that you can begin your hunt.

In order to see the candidates contact information, the candidate must first release it to you. This is done via a Contact Request. The Contact Request is a description of the position you are looking to hire for. Please find below the steps to send out a Contact Request.

Steps to send out a Contact Request:

    1. Perform a search using the search parameters located on the resume search page (keyword, location, last updated, etc.)
    2. When your search results are returned click on the orange color link for the candidates Current/Recent position.
    3. If you scroll down, you should now be able to see the candidate's full resume, minus their contact information.
      • After reviewing the candidates resume, if this is a candidate you are interested in, add them to your Resume Cart via the "Add to Cart" button at the top of the candidates resume.
      • If this is not a candidate you are interested in click the back button on your browser to go back to your search results.
      • If you wish to send out individual contact requests to each candidate, skip down to step 5.
    4. Continue steps 1-3 to add all of the candidates you wish* to contact to your resume cart.
    5. After all of the candidates have been added, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right (just above the candidate cards).
    6. You should now see a list of the candidates you have added to your resume cart. Click on the "Create Contact Request" button to create the contact request you wish to send to the candidates. Please note that you cannot include any contact information for yourself in the contact request.
    7. Once completed click on the "Complete Contact Request" button to proceed to the Review/Finalize your Order page to complete your contact request order.

* There is a maximum of 100 candidates you can add to your card per contact request. For best functionality, we recommend sending no more than 50 per batch.


Please see the products and pricing page (under the Employer menu) for the costs associated with connecting with candidates. If the candidate is not interested in your opportunity, you pay nothing! This pay-for-performance system allows you to use our resume bank at any time, risk-free!

The candidates are given 14 days to respond to your contact request. If a candidate has not responded after the 14th day, the contact request will automatically be marked as declined so that you are not charged for that candidate.


If you have any questions please contact the customer support team at 860-437-5700 or

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