Using the Resume Bank/Submitting Contact Request

The resume bank is a great tool in addition to posting jobs to search for candidates. Before using the resume bank, the job board may require your employer account to be validated. Simply sending a business card or a copy of your company's letterhead will get the validation process started. (Please note: that additional documents may be required.)

You can click on the Resume Bank tab in the Employers drop down menu with or without an active job posted. 

You are able to use the keyword search box to enter search criteria to view the resumes of various candidates who have publicly posted their resume to the site’s online resume bank. You will be able to view the candidate’s entire resume, except for their personal contact information.


This is kept private for their security. In order to receive their contact information, you will need to send them a contact request through the job board. First, add the candidates to your cart and when you are ready to submit your contact request, click on your shopping cart. 

(Ad Agencies and Recruiters: can add up to 100 resumes to their cart at one time)

The last step, click Create Your Contact Request button. The following page will allow you to give the candidate/s a brief description of the opportunity or you have a available. 


Once the contact request is submitted, if the candidate is not interested in the position you offer them and doesn’t want to communicate, you are not charged. However, if they accept your request and send you their contact information, you will be charged (resume charge, or member vs. non-member resume charge).

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