Guide to Employer Standard Login/Create an Account Page

Logging in or creating an account as an employer is a simple process that takes only a few pieces of required information to complete.

When logging in to post jobs, you will see a very standard login page that only requires your email and password to gain access. Once you have entered the email address and case-sensitive password you used to create your account, you will be ushered straight into your posting account (specifically the My Account page). Here is an image of the standard login page for posting a job:





The standard login page also contains our account creation section for new users intending on posting jobs. An important thing to take note of in this section is the "Account Type" that you can select from when establishing yourself on the Career Center. 

You will be given the option to identify your organization as a Standard Employer, an Ad Agency, or a Recruiting Firm. Those can be broken down in the following context:

Standard Employer: This account represents a single organization or entity wishing to fill open roles within their own organization and intend to manage their own postings. 

Ad Agency:  This account represents an organization that will be posting jobs on behalf of hiring companies.

Recruiting Firm: This account represents an organization that will be posting jobs and managing candidates on behalf of the hiring companies they represent. 

When creating an account, it is important to correctly identify your organization as well as fill in all of the required fields marked by a red asterisk. Below you will find images of the account creation section for reference:



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