Duplicate Account Error Message (Job Seeker)

When logging into your career center account via the association's SSO (single sign on), you might encounter an error if you have duplicate accounts registered under the same member number. That error will look like the following:


screenshot of duplicate account error message


A common reason for this to happen is if you originally registered your career center account via a university or employer email that you no longer have access to.


We can certainly help with getting your account disconnected from your unused email and connected to your current email/account. Before this happens, though, you will want to make sure your member info with the association is up to date. To do this, please connect with the member care team from the association (typically member care contact info can be found at the bottom of the association's home page.) 


Once you have confirmed your membership data is up to date, please connect with career center customer support at clientserv@yourmembership.com or 860-437-5700 (option 1). We will just need to know your current email address associated with your membership. From there we can search any additional accounts that are linked and make sure those are disconnected.


The last step once any old accounts are disconnected is a recommended cache/cookies clear to ensure any data from your previous login attempts is not stored and blocking your new login.

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