Using the Resume Bank with a Subscription

Some of the sites we power utilize a subscription-based model for searching for candidates in the resume bank. To begin, log in or create an account by going to the My Account page. Before viewing your first resume we ask that all employers have their account validated. Validation is a one time process.

To have your account validated please see the following page for what documentation we can accept and where to send it:

Resume Bank Validation

Once your account is validated, this will unlock the resume bank section of your portal. Please be sure you also have purchased a subscription to the resume bank either via a single purchase through the products page or packaged with a currently running job ad. Having both of these criteria met will open up all resumes loaded into the bank for you to search. 

You can either scroll through the loaded resumes in their original order (listed by most recently updated) or you can use the keyword and filter options if you are looking to narrow down your options. When you have located a candidate you are interested in, you can either click "view candidate" to see the full resume (which will include their contact details such as email and phone) or you can bookmark the resume to look at later:



Subscriptions do vary in regards to how long the resume bank access will stay open or how many candidates you can connect with. Please refer to the original listing through the products page to ensure you have these details. 

Not all of the sites that are powered by YM Careers have the capability of bulk downloading resumes within the resume bank. Please see the following article for more information on how to tell if this function is available and how to utilize it:


Can I Download Resumes in the Resume Bank?


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