Site Resumes Vs. Network Resumes

What is the difference between Site Resumes and Network Resumes? You will notice there are tabs labeled with both of these options.

Site resumes consist of resume that have been uploaded by registered job seekers to the specific career center being utilized.

Network Resumes consist of all the resumes uploaded from all the career center that are hosted and powered by YM Careers. 

In the example below, the number of site resumes verse network resumes are vastly different. The reason for this is because the network resumes are from all different career centers, in many different industries. This is where the keyword search and filters are vital to finding very specific candidates in the resume bank. 

Site Resumes: 757

Network Resumes: 1.6 Million+

This is helpful when recruiting because you have a greater chance of finding the perfect candidate or candidates when you have a larger pool to recruit from. 

Tip: When utilizing the site resumes, please note that credits and subscriptions for resumes are only applicable to the site you have purchased them on. The credits and subscriptions will not work for network resume and you will incur a cost.

Not all sites are created equal as well, a good practice is to look at the information above the keyword search to understand what is needed to connect with potential candidates as well as the cost. 

Highlighted in the image below:
View complete resumes for free! If you find any candidates you are interested in, submit your interest to them. If they are interested in your opportunity, we connect you for just $35.00. If the candidate is not interested, you pay nothing!

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