Can I Save a Job Posting to My Account?

Saving your job search history on your account is as simple as the click of a button. When you have come across an ad that you would like to save for later viewing, all you have to do is click on the Gray Star that is in the top right-hand corner of that specific posting: 




You will notice the star turns blue and a message pops up stating the job has been saved in your account:




To view the saved job (and any others previously saved), you would need to log in to your Job Seeker account and look to the bottom part of the page:




Keep in mind that jobs will expire from the career center, many within 30 days of posting. Be sure to go back and submit your application to any jobs of interest before they disappear from the career center! Once a job has expired or been pulled down by the employer, we can no longer provide you with a link to the posting or way to apply.




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